Families: The program establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with each child’s family to foster children’s development in all settings. These relationships are sensitive to family composition, language, and culture. NAEYC.

Our administrative team is available daily to greet children & families, support teachers, and discuss the details of each child to ensure their day is off to a positive start. Communication with teachers is available daily via written reports, emails, phone conferences and/or in-person meetings. Please join our monthly Parent Group meetings to collaborate with other families and ensure each child's preschool experiences help them achieve life-long success!

Community Relationships: The program establishes relationships with and uses the resources of the children’s communities to support the achievement of program goals. NAEYC.

Our community, Ventura County, affords families to provide our child with the ability to tap into local resources. The health and well-being of children are supported by our local farms with an abundance of fresh produce, and healthy physical activities. For example, our school fosters, develops, and encourages our families to bond while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It is the norm for our families to share family dinners together, swap recipes, and bike or surf together at the beach.

Giving back to our community is of great teaching importance for our children, too! Each year teachers and families design events to donate to charity.