Nicole B. Spokane, WA

I can't say enough about how great Little Tree had been for our son! He came to us as a foster placement and was difficult to work with to say the least. After being asked to leave another preschool, I made several calls and talked with Lydia. Her extensive experience and education made me feel that Little Tree could handle his behaviors and we enrolled him. After a year, I can say this was still the best choice we could have made. The staff worked closely with us and helped provide  consistency across environments. Their care and concern for not only our son but our family had helped us make it through a very difficult year. We can't say enough about this wonderful team!

Leann L. Camarillo, CA

This preschool is the best! I was fortunate enough to find little tree after having a terrible experience at "happy ventures" right down the street.
The staff at little tree is very kind and compassionate as well as very professional. My son has made leaps and bounds since he started attending. Now that it is time for him to start kindergarten I'm sad to have to see him leave such a wonderful place. I wish they taught kindergarten too!
I recommend taking a tour of this place. They allocate the space they have so efficiently and have all the right teachers there to help create an awesome learning and growing environment for any child.

Alessandro G. Brenzone, Italy

Great location, especially outdoor. Lovely teachers and many different programs offered.

Lindsey D. Ventura, CA

Our son has been going here for a year and a half and I wouldn't have it any other way! I feel secure in knowing my child is getting a good start on education and that he is well taken care of in a safe environment. The teachers have all been there for years and my son adores each and every one of them. Sending him to Little Tree has been the best decision for our family. My son is excited to go to school and comes home learning something new every day!

Aaron G. Ventura, CA
Little Tree was the best thing my wife and I ever did for our two daughters. When it was time for our kids to transition to kindergarten they were well prepared thanks to Little Tree's excellent teachers.

Elizabeth S. Oxnard, CA
I'm not sure I could write a review that would encompass how fantastic our family feels that the Little Tree Preschool really is!

Lydia has such a passion for working with kids and it shows in her well designed and incredibly staffed school. Attention to every detail of a child's well being are addressed including personalized service such as home visits and in depth conferences.

I have three kids and work out of the home full time so have experience with many different child care providers from in home care, to school based centers. Due to moving from the area only my middle son attended the school from ages 3-5. It was such an amazing experience for him. Though we have had great experiences with our other care providers none have surpassed the excellence of The Little Tree. I tell everyone all the time that The Little Tree is "THE" preschool to send you kids to if you have the opportunity. It really helped him to become the awesome, thinking child that he is today!

Great staff, progressive philosophy, cleanliness, attention to detail and the whole health of the child are amazing benefits of attendance at Little Tree. More than just child care for your child, we feel it really is the best option regardless if you just want a couple 1/2 days a week for the preschool experience or if need full time care. The program is awesome!

We miss Little Tree and all the staff and Jonny still talks about the school all the time! If you are looking for quality, you have found the best here!

Robert B.
I am so grateful that my son was able to begin his life with the emotionally supportive, creative, and stimulating experiences he had at Littletree.

And no other child care organization has been as helpful to his parents. From the number of hours Littlletree was able to offer for childcare to the advice on his education Littletree was the best. Thanks again Littletree!!!

Christine K., Christina H.
Both of my daughters have attended Little Tree. I have been very happy and satisfied with the curriculum and the attention paid to healthy eating. The teachers are all very warm and approachable. I feel lucky to have found a real gem of a preschool. Keep up the good work!

Darla B.
Little Tree Preschool has THE BEST TEACHERS!!!!! My son and duaghter (3 and 4) blossomed at LittleTree Preschool. I love how organized the program is, the healthy food, and most of all our teachers. I have recommended many friends and family members.

Darlene A.
Lydia was very easy to work with. She is detail oriented and has her focus on providing a safe environment for the children in her care. Good job Lydia!

Erin S.
While it may seem a little premature to write this recommendation, but my wife and I knew instantly that we were making the right choice when we met Lydia in person. In the 2 short months our son has been attending Lydias preschool, we have seen nothing but positive results. Ive seen only happy parents and excited children when taking our son to school in the morning. Lydia is very personable and she either picks from the best educators she can find or has the ability to instill greatness in them - either way, we are very happy with our decision to send our son to The Little Tree Preschool.

Robert B.
My son had the best possible start in life under Lydia's care. Without her expertise he likely would have failed at school. He is flourishing there now. I cannot recommend Lydia's services too highly. Not only is she highly educationally qualified but she and those who work with her deeply love the children.

Tom W.
This recommendation is not only for Lydia but for her staff at Little Tree. Our son attended this pre school for two years and we were very happy with his growth during that period. The group were consistent with a good mixture of discipline and loving atmosphere. I truely believe this experienced set him up in a better direction as he entered kindergarten. Also, an example of going above and beyond was when she volunteered to watch the kids one night/month while the parents had a parenting discussion group next door. Very helpful to eveybody.

Suzette S.
Little Tree Preschool was a wonderful experience for my son. For years after he was too grown up to attend, he would come back to visit the teachers and Lydia. Lydia created a preschool that is pleasant, safe, loving, and filled with fun and discovery. She selected excellent teachers that were happy working there, so teacher turnover is not an issue. The teachers and Lydia were extremely skilled in handling issues that arose between students. Students were encouraged to use their words and discuss how they were feeling. I think this was extremely valuable in helping my son to grow into the emotionally intelligent young man that he is becoming. I highly recommend Lydia as a child care provider!!

Darla B.
Lydia and I share a love for children and business. Her passion to have a preschool a step above the rest shows that when we are together socially, that is what she talks about. She is constantly discussing and brainstorming ideas to be better and more valuable to parents and students. Her preschool is her passion and her gift is running a successful business for many years.

Dan S.
Lydia's tireless work ethic, combined with her outstanding attention to detail, provide her children the solid basis from which to learn and flourish. Her strong character and intense devotion to duty have proven to parents for over ten years that their children are in the best possible care. Both my kids would be in Little Tree if we didn't live hundreds of miles away.

Amy A.
The Little Tree Preschool is outstanding in child care services. All 3 of my children have attended and graduated, as well as my friends and families children. All of my children are now attending elementary school and in the GATE program, I know that receiving a first-rate education early helps to build a strong foundation for future learning. Thank you Little Tree Preschool for preparing my children for life!

Jeannie M.
Lydia is my sons pre-school owner/teacher. I was recommended to her from my cousin. I feel very fortunate to have found sound a wonderful pre-school. As a first time mother Lydia has helped guide me through some concerns and issues with my son,she provided reading materials and recommendations to help resolve these same issues.

Robert T.
Lydia started a business in her home. She fed the kids healthy organic snacks.She studied child development and education and applied her lessons to developing a high quality childcare center. She made good personnel decisions and assembled professional staff. She grew her business while maintaining high quality.

Greg A.
Lydia is great with the kids. She really cares about them all and her school is an excellent stepping stone to kindergarten. Izaak learned a lot of basic skills (counting, word recognition, art, etc) with Lydia that have carried over through today.

Veronica O.
My son NIcholas attended Lydia's establishment, Little Trees Preschool in 2007-2009. Lydia and her staff have a way with communicating with children like no other I have ever seen. They taught my son how to communicate and express his emotions. They prepared him for kindergarten and brought out the creative bug in him. I loved that at every pick up I got a update on how his day went. My son is now in kindergarten and doing great socially and academically and I know it's from the time he spent at LIttle Trees.

Robert R.
At Halsey Schools Lydia was loved by parents and children. She was always very actively involved with the children, singing, reading, and encouraging. Anyone could see she really loved being with children. She always had a smile on her face. She is exactly what we look for in our teachers.

She often told me she was going to have a preschool of her own and I knew she would. She is very goal oriented and lets nothing stop her.

Anne R.
Lydia provided excellent childcare/preschool program for my first daughter. She is passionate in her work with children and that shows through my daughter who still often speaks of "Ms. Lydia". Lydia was also very flexible with my schedule when needed and when possible. I am looking forward to placing my second child in her care when the time comes.

Matt H.
I've sent both my children to Little Tree Preschool, and it's been a superb experience both times. Many preschools feel like holding tanks for children, but not this one. Lydia makes sure the kids are learning and have a ton of fun, and she really cares deeply about their well-being.

Victoria G.
I sent my first son to Little Tree Preschool and was soo happy with her program. My son thrived under Lydia's program and she constantly strived to continuously improve her program to keep up with modern early educational and child care standards that provided our child with a well rounded early childhood development program.

Aaron G.
Lydia and all of The Little Tree Preschool staff have played a huge role in both my daughter's lifes. Lydia and her staff are by far the best care givers in Ventura County. My wife and I chose The Little Tree Preschool as our children's preschool because we both strongly believed in Lydia's early childhood development philosophy and thought that Lydia and her staff were excellent role models for our girls.

Betsy K.
Lydia is a knowledgeable, well educated and enthusiastic preschool director. The programs she instituted provide developmentally appropriate, creative and fun learning experiences. The environment at Little Tree is safe and appealing. Lydia is always willing to share her expertise in child development with parents.

Michael V.
Little Tree Preschool provided a caring and fun environment for our daughter. We have fond memories of our time with Lydia and her staff.